Constellation of Sorrow

by Dick Nixon Arisen

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part one of a 198-track double album, so 99 tracks, spanning 12 themed EP's. A bloated exercise in superfluousitousness or a monolithic seaspout of creative outflow?

99 tracks, 12 themes:

1-24: Constellation of Sorrow
25-29: The Bentley EP
30-39: My Dudes
40-44: poor white thrash
45-49: Lullabyes for the Dead and Dying
50-59: School for Robots
60-64: I hate Oklahoma
65-74: Tiny Songs
75-79: Gothmog lives!
80-89: Vote 4 Ron (read the description in any song)
90-99: Hall of the demented


released May 5, 2007

Just me, brief wife, and some samples here and there. Offhand I remember only "the sons of the pioneers" in one of the oklahoma songs.




Dick Nixon Arisen Connecticut

Out in the woods.

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Track Name: The Annual Presidential Jazz Recital
this is not rebel music it's not just how you use it this is for the president it's not for the residents of your local ghetto mental mixup mento soca calypso I will die before I lie
Track Name: Hoo boy what a day
are kind of stupid, but aren't we all sometimes
Track Name: Walk
fuck, love, walk with the sane, walk with the queers, walk with the blind, describe what you find
Track Name: Lovetris
Wanna build a tower, wanna knock it down
wanna watch those beautiful bricks tumbling to the ground
wanna talk for hours, don't wanna make a sound
wanna watch those beautiful lips moving up and down I found a place where I can fit my shapes fill your empty space then take it all away
wanna build a tower, wanna knock it down
wanna watch those beautiful bricks tumbling to the ground
wanna watch them fall, wanna hear you call, wanna fit em in, as snug as sin
Track Name: High School Football Star
felt the tits of marybeth behind the refreshment stand, soft and round, aerodynamic like a football in my hand i fuck around i run this down you'll never understand and any opposition it all ends at the first down cause I am a high school football star
Track Name: My heart is as lost as the day is long
my heart is as lost as the day is long they warned me twice not to sing this song so i called my brothers up to sing along my heart is as lost as the day is long
Track Name: Kenya
not mine.
Track Name: Japanese Bridge
meet me on a japanese bridge where my grandfather used to fish where my grandmother use to live Hokusai and Hiroshige with subtle eyes are getting jiggy so I will let it rain on me this is all fucked up beyond repair
Track Name: The Abbreviated history of a Dude
When I was a child I wandered pantless and wild and they said something was wrong with me but I knew I was fine and in time I'd find my sanity. December is cold and grey remember that stupid day when you found your sanity at the end of a rope so long and thin, you learned to let me in? My mom said, "I wonder if your friends all jumped off of a cliff would you follow them down just to see?" and I said "where else would I ever wanna be, but down there with them and me?" These words, these chords, they're not mind - undergoing a change over time, into a thing that is new, is this punk rock or maybe the blues? I will wait for you. I will cut up your noose. These ropes, these ties, they do bind. Stalks of wheat draw their life from the sun. I will bake you bread. I will give you head. This tongue this clit, is it yours? Must a woman be a virgin or a whore? I will make love with you. I will last from twelve til 2, I will last from twelve til 2, I will last from twelve til 2, I will last from twelve til 2.
Track Name: I'm not drinkin the kool-aid
When you were away the whole world died, yes every last jerk took their cyanide and lay down to die where they were, it seems the best minds had concurred. Now I can skate wherever I choose and I'll never feel those misanthropic blues but I'm getting tired of the quiet, I think i'll start a one-man riot. Now I can't wait to find a mate, have some sex, repopulate, but I think that I found a fatal flaw - all of our grandkids will be slackjawed. So I don't believe in Adam and Eve, fuck 'em all, they just try to deceive, I don't believe in god or Jesus, I don't believe in Hersheys or Reeses.
Track Name: The Moon Strikes Twice
The moon strikes twice, that's how you know it's right - the face of the clock, face of the waters, is staring at you again. You don't know whether to follow orders or call in sick, again. The flood is spreading and loosing its borders, you're playing with a pen.
Track Name: Constellation of Sorrow
I've got something in my pocket, it's a very sentimental locket, my robot lover who's now deceased, she was taken away from me. I had something blue something borrowed, now this constellation of sorrow, hangs over the night sky in my head, I wish that I was dead or deactivated I can't remember how long I waited by her grave to see if she would rise, the night sky in her eyes, oh I loved her shiny metal skin, oh i loved the circuitry within, she used to be wired for heat and light and sound, now she's cold six feet under the ground oh my power source is going to explode if I don't get to share some code
Track Name: Walgreens theme
It's the start of the day, start of the way, you spend your working time. Could be us vs. them, the same old again, just depends on your frame of mind. Now you've shopped here before, for prescriptions and more, and thought "Gee, here's a place I could work..." it felt so right then, it could be right again, just look in the eyes of a clerk...
Track Name: Flames
I can't be awake right now, there's too much at stake right now, to nod, a nice break right now, to play a nice game right now. Reap what they sow, call it our own, world's all in flames, every damn day, all you could say is, "whatever, dude", what else would you do?
Track Name: Question Mark
What if I found the rotting corpse of rock, should I put my finger on her pulse or not?
Track Name: Bermuda Triangle
Strings are rusty and the frets are mangled, lost my voice in the bermuda triangle. Amp is blown and the cords are tangled but oh, you wonder where I go. Oh, wouldn't you like to know? Oh, you wonder where I been. Oh, you'll ask all of my friends and see that we have been left, alone, under the waves, in a secret place, all our own.
Track Name: Sweet Eve
let's go, pick sweet eve, your apple cider, oh pick sweet eve, we won't deny here, cause liberty and knowledge abide her so pick sweet eve, your apple cider oh pick sweet eve your apple cider oh pick sweet eve your apple cider
Track Name: Going to hell, wanna come w/?
say the world is going to hell my love, you know the answer is not gonna come from above, so you must burn with a sacred and inner fire, cause you know the world is getting down to the wire
Track Name: Foxglove
here's a foxglove like an overturned cup, the wine has run out and the bees are drunk, here's a love song to the mushrooms that grow by the foot of an old oak in the forest - let it burn let it bleed let it rot let it grow let me run let me breathe let me see let me be free
Track Name: Wild Things
put on your wolf suit and you sailed your boat, across the seas of dreams you floated to the land, where the wild things are, and I... don't know, just where else you can go...
Track Name: Everybody needs some Bentley
everybody needs some bentley, yeah you need bentley. bentley's the one you need and bentley comes for free so baby please tell me why you ain't got bentley, gotta get some bentley, get some bentley, get some bentley now, get some bentley somehow
Track Name: The Ewok Sadventures.
I'm gonna tell you the saddest story I ever heard. An Ewok, Wilfred Brimley, and a little girl. At the end of the movie, Wilfred and the girl blast off into space. Tears in her eyes the door slides shut in the Ewok's face. They had been best friends. They will never see each other again. Shit is sad, bro. Shit's sad, bro.
Track Name: WWBD
Who's the friendly dude that everybody knows? Who's the big jew up front at the shows? living his life with no regrets, stealing scooters from the Amish with no fear of a hex, eating fried chicken in the middle of sex, oh chris bentley, they all will see, they'll get the full effect. The jaws are dropped, the eyes wide open, the ladie's panties wet. So wet.
Track Name: A pet Bentley is a big responsibility, dear
Take me from this mass, thralls to some deadly heart... tongues of dust they tell their stories, faces of clay they act their part... I like a bentley in my bedroom i like bentley in my chair like a bentley throwing feces, i like a bentley pulling hair oh you need a bentley right away. if you don't got a bentley i think you're lame
Track Name: Legacy
You don't know what you are doing when you blow in Nintendo games. You could corrosion which will make the contacts degrade. Temporarily, make the game work. Permanently, make you a jerk. Hurt the legacy of our future generations when you give in to temptation...
Track Name: EXP dog.
dog, dog dog dog. Behold ye mighty experience dog no wiser canine be, behold ye mighty experience dog on page 63. to save our souls from demons and devils from throughout the outer planes, behold ye mighty experience dog, he charts all our gains. takin' it to the goatass.
Track Name: Mexican Independence
Lots of mesas. Love those mesas. Wait...
Track Name: Audrey
Drinkin at the bar or shooting pool, black leather jacket always looking cool, driven by a force he cannot control, so he races to forget, but he ain't done it yet. Jesse's in love with a woman he can never ever ever ever ever have
Track Name: My dudes Episode IV a new joke
I've gone radio friendly if you wonder why I've done that, it's cause the cash is mad phat. I can't be singing about my oil bill, or how I can only afford cheap thrills, a toothbrush that's got no frills. I've gotta buy the cheap peanuter... I mean, I'm dying in the gutter.. wont' you give me a dollar? And if you do I'll spend 95 cents on my friends yea, time and time again, yeah. Cause we are nerds and angels, losers and kings. In the best of all possible worlds, I believe we'd do the same things. But I won't die for tomorrow, and I can't live for today. So do me a favor call your momma and tell her that I'm cancelling our date. Tell her that it's me not her, and that I think she's great. I hope that we can still be friends.
Track Name: My Dudes Episode V fooligans strike back
Kevin remember that bloody brutal fight it was the most brutal fight scott fain had ever seen matt remember that little pink mouse that you won at my birthday party, i'm gonna get it even if I have to kill you with my bare hands it's icatian not ickatin kevin remember in boy scouts i was jealous of all the toys you had so I stole some of them and I still have them and you can't have them back.
Track Name: My Dudes Episode VI: return of the jamokes
the soup is cold but the pot is hot
Track Name: lftdad number two
and the dead and the dying will dance by the light
of a moon that is shining for them only here tonight
and the rest of the world won't pay them a prayer
and the debts of the world will vanish into air
like the bones of machines and the souls of the trees
which will mingle with the ashes that are bourne on the breeze..
Track Name: oops yr bad
whatcha gonna do will you pray for your daugher now she's dead when she should be safe at home sleeping in her bed not lying on the floor not lying on the floor not lying on the floor whatcha gonna do now you dressed your daughter like a whore see her smiling in the pictures
from before this all went down the drain do you cry when you're dusting the space on the wall where your precious pretty little porcelain doll used to sit?
Track Name: Suck hard on the death tit
feel the cooling breath
feel the last caress
smell the hair of death
kiss the breasts of death
no you never meant
to fall in love again -
so gather what you can
it's time to board the train,
you know you'll never see
your old hometown again
Track Name: In what is crassly referred to as the Thai Economic Miracle,
The businessmen in grey suits are arriving by plane,
mostly japanese and americans. The thai girls learn they're
a pussy and a mouth, and if they have a heart, they'd better rip it out of their chests, such a mess. Kidnapped at eleven from her village in the south, thrown in a pickup dirty rag in her mouth, crucified, exploited, chained to the bed, later found outside with a bullet in her head in the rain, wash away.
Track Name: Tears will fall from dead eyes
Go flat-footed into places of danger, look into my eyes and see a stranger, come from the land beyond the border, come to drag me to law and order, asks no quarter and begs no pardon, look into his eyes and see a garden,
blossoms bled they're almost blushing, his hand my hand almost touching...

When you close your eyes, lay down to die under final skies, you will see the even score, the leg you lost in the war. The children raped and maimed baggage unclaimed in the airport there. And tears will fall from dead eyes. Tears will fall from dead eyes. Close your eyes, time to fly. Once upon another time.
Track Name: robogoonies r' good enough
Andy is the pretty one he's the leader, curtis is the weird one he's the creature, froberg is the fat one that must mean that Seth's the asian guy. Risking their lives on a great adventure, off to find that pirate treasure, never thinking that it's dangerous, maybe they could die.
Track Name: Robolovers
Blake's in love with half-life. It consumes just about half his life.
Froberg's in love with Johnny Damon. It's coming off as kinda gay, man.
Track Name: Dinosaur
dinosaurs RAHR
Track Name: listen to the robots
hey I know everybody tries to get you to see friend's bands and theyr'e
usually not very good but
unafraid of the high costin they all moved out to boston
i love my robot friends
got a pretty nice up there to play nintendo and drink medium-priced beer
and i want to see them again
Track Name: Roboston
unafraid of the high costin they all moved out to boston
i love my robot friends
got a pretty nice up there to play nintendo and drink medium-priced beer
and i want to see them again
Track Name: song about robots
song about dinosaurs, song about sasquatch, song about peanuts, song about toothrbush.
Song about a fish, song about a cannibal, song about jungle lou and creepy slow animals
Track Name: Evil Developers
evil developers move into a town and then they want to pave everything,
the robot boys they start up a band and save everything and everybody
loves them for it.
Track Name: Robopeanuts
how would you like to be buried deep, live forever in endless dream?
would you rather scream in your sleep, cover your shoulders with shaving cream?
Have you ever wondered when you're gonna die, have you ever wondered, wondered why?
How would you like to be a crazy guy, how would you like to have a lazy eye?
Go down down in the ground where the peanuts sleep until they're reborn again.
Go down down in the ground where the peanuts sleep until they're born again.
Track Name: I hate Oklahoma
I hate Oklahoma I get no buenas noches I hate oklahoma it's full of cockroaches
I hate oklahoma it's full of crazy christians I hate oklahoma to leave it is my mission
I hate oklahoma, I hate oklahoma
I hate oklahoma, it's full of methamphetamines, I hate oklahoma, it's full of apathetic teens
I hate oklahoma it's one big fucking wal-mart with sacks instead of bags, buggies instead of carts
I hate oklahoma
Track Name: Jamoklahoma
i hate fucking fighting all of the time I just want a minute to unwind but I can never get a moment of rest at all. 3 AM train I hate it to death crack open its ribs and piss into its chest cause I can never get a moment of rest at all
Track Name: Blowklahoma
Blow the heart of the city tonight collapse the lungs of the city tonight break the legs of the city tonight where can we go i went downtown find some kind of fun, there was nothing, there was no one. Blow up oklahoma I don't think that i'd mind i'm feeling out of place here there's no one of my kind
Track Name: Gothmog is pleased by your sacrifice
Gothmog is pleased by your sacrifice! Give gothmog beans, give him rice. Give gothmog babes, give gothmog a car, gothmog is pleased by yours sacrifice!
Track Name: Gothmog wants to know if you will go on a date w/ him
Gothmog is pleased yea you gave gothmog beans, have him rice, gave him babes, gave him a car, gave him a christmas tree and took him to the bar, gave him limes, gave him lemons, gave him a CD by clarence clemons... Gothmog thinks you're hot. Gothmog likes you a lot. Gothmog would like to ask you on a date gothmog swears that he won't be late not like last time when gothmog couldn't borrow his dad's care and he had to get the skateboard to go on his date that was embarrassing but he swears it won't happen again not again not again not again not again
Track Name: Gothmog is in love with you
Gothmog wants you to feel his horns. Gothmog wants you to make homemade porn. Gothmog will spread his wings to cast a shadow while you're bathing on the beach, so pretty and out of reach of Gothmog's claws, gothmog's in love with you... You. Gothmog's in love with you. Gothmog thinks you're cute. Gothmog wants your booty in his face. Please say that you like Gothmog. please come over and play lincoln logs. Please come over and play a game of twister. I'm sorry that I kissed your sister. Gothmog swears it won't happen again. Gothmog wants to be more than friends. Gothmog wants to be the rooster to your hen. Gothmog thinks that you're a perfect Ten.
Track Name: Gothmog wants to know if you will marry him
Will you marry Gothmog? He offers you a dowry of a slaughtered hog.
Track Name: Gothmog wants you to have his children
Gothmog would like to mount on you. He could show you some stuff you could do or you could just lie there until he's through oh yeah. When all the nasty business is done Gothmog hopes that you'll have a son, Gothmog thinks that a son would be fun, oh yeah. Gothmog would show his son many things like how to fly around Saturn's rings and how to make the tiny mortals cower in terrible fear of his terrible power.
Track Name: Another vote 4 Ron
Unless ron wins we're all losers. Kin he burrough a cuppa sugar?
Track Name: Ward for Warden
He actually did appear on the Daily show with Jon Stewart, probably in connection with the church bell hellabelloo which was occurring at the time.
Track Name: Ron ron ron
Ron ron ron, til you can't ron no more. He's got a clipboard. there's a knock on your door.
Track Name: Ron Wants your Children
Ron wants your children... ron wants your children... ron wants your children to be their best. Ron wants your children to pass their test. Ron wants your children to be a success.
Track Name: Glorious New Dawn
I never trusted Ronnie Reagan but I'll trust Ron the gay man if you are about your town come on down, come on down, you gotta come on down, and vote for ron, vote for ron for a glorious new dawn
Track Name: I miss you who are you / RADIO NIXO
This has been radio NIXO, Enid. Nixon now more than ever... I had a dog named checkers. But this is end of the record. I'm gonna walk out that door - you won't have Nixon to kick around any more. bye now...