Scenes from a Country Cottage

by Dick Nixon Arisen


Dick Nixon Arisen Connecticut

Out in the woods.

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Track Name: End of Days
here's to the end of days; we'll have it made. So come celebrate, all the wilder ways...
Track Name: Die Alone
we die alone, cops go through the phone, and dial the last number they find. Throw my bones beneath the stones and you know that I wont mind. Cause we die alone.
Track Name: Littles
All my little babies died
in the womb that would not be a bride
the lord of bones does surely know
to bite off every little toe
so river take my pain away
give me something kind to say
gunfire clear away the haze
umpire tell me, that i'm saved
vampires come get the blood you crave
then crawl back into your moldy graves
all my little babies died
in the womb that would not be a bride
Track Name: Ferals
Asleep in the sun down by the bay, all the mangy little strays,
their bellies full and feeling fine from poppy flowers soaked in wine.

You're talking to someone who knows someone who did - don't mess around with those fucking kids, or else

the gates of the forest will open up, and they'll erupt, like wolf pups
howling and snarling, oh, bark and whine, on human flesh they'll soon learn to dine

They got BB guns and pointed sticks, think it's fun to hurl a brick
love to get drunk and love to dance, you try to run, you've got no chance.

Pervert moved to the neighborhood, the wolf pack they got him good, heard he touched a little boy, took him out with their biggest toy. Yeah, they did.
Track Name: Tim and Steve
Tasty tim went to live with the bears
they said he shouldn't do it but he wasn't scared
they said he shouldn't do it but he didn't care
the bears they like their meat real rare

your passion can be your fire and pride
your passion can cut you up inside
your passion will be the die that decides
over banks so steep and river wide
I followed my heart through a raging sea
of faith and infidelity
I followed my heart into the heat
was stabbed in the heart like stalwart steve

stalwart steve could not agree
to let that little mongoose be
he knew he would always choose
to touch the snakes and kangaroos

your passion can be your fire and pride
your passion can cut you up inside
your passion will be the die that decides
over banks so steep and river wide
your passion can sing like meadowlarks
or whipporwhils with their cruel remarks
the lies you tell inside your heart
while holding hands in the holy dark
Track Name: All Night
It rained all night, an angelic choir.
For lack of a light, I set myself on fire.

My tender heart is made of tinder -
true friend, loan me a cinder.
Track Name: Blue Streak
My blue streak, born in Racine. Spits straight and sweet, hits hard and mean. Prettiest one that I ever seen, my blue streak from Racine.

I'm a son of a gun but i'm not a fool. Figured the sums between a symbol and a tool. I have my fun, but I follow the rules. Son of a gun is not a fool.

but I admit it don't matter what you got if you use it right.
Well shit, any Johnny-on-the-spot can line up the sights.

Got a 1322 and a good old 112; with the powderburners they get left on the shelf.
Out in the pines where the air grows cold and thin, it's just the ideal and the Sheridan.

Marbles Ideal is fit to split the wind, I like the feel of the handle in my hand. Spun from the steel in Gladstone, Michigan, I believe it's fit to split the wind.

but I know it don't matter what you have if you use it right.
For sure, any likely lad can line up the sights. Do it right.
Track Name: Roscoe Holocaust
There's an old man on a bike we call him Roscoe Holocaust
Here and there around the square he don't care reminds us what we lost
what we lost to our sudden fate
what we lost to our foolish pride
what we lost to our sullen face
what we lost to the lie inside

and everybody dies in the great fire

there's an old man on a bike we call him Roscoe Holocaust
he's babbling the benefits but we're all obsessed with the cost
the cost of our sudden fate
the cost of our foolish pride
the cost of our sullen face
the cost of the lie inside

and no one ever learns so everyone burns
Track Name: All Dead
All dead, all dead, we killed everyone
no food no water no guns
no medicine

Lights out, lights out, we watched the stars go black
you held my hand and said you're never coming back.
Track Name: Wampus Cat
If you hear a wild rumpus yeah, that's the sound of the wampus cat
and they try but they can't catch that... just some fur and a little bit of scat.

Better grab your Cattaraugus stat, game getter and a cricket bat
Woolrich plaid and a hunting cap, you bout to face a most wicked cat
Track Name: Chopper's Bitch
I'm standing here staring out the window into the burning rain
tearing off a tattoo it's a tattoo of your name
people say I'm crazy, they say what about the pain
like this hurt and that hurt are even halfway the same
and I know things will never be the same....

you cheated, you cheated, you cheated and it burns me life a flame
and people say that I'm the one who should be ashamed
like I am literally quite literally insane
like I should not mail you back your one and only lonely name
but I will not be ashamed
Track Name: Heartwood
These days are the days when it all turns grey; and the fish I thought I caught broke my line and got away, and the buck I though I shot lived to leap another day, and the sapwood rots, but the heartwood stays.
Track Name: By'em bye
stars shine in number number one number two number three by'em bye

when you were a little little kid never though it would get as fucked up as it did by'em bye

stars shine in number number four number five number six by'em bye

stars shine in the whiskey whiskey glass in the hip pocket flask for the difficult task by'em bye
stars shine in the barrel of a gun 22 32 38 45 by'em bye

stars shine in number number eight number seven number nine by'em bye
stars shine in the eyes of your kids may they never learn it got as fucked up as it did by'em bye
Track Name: Empty Miles
The empty miles will fall away from the maiden and her intended.
The empty miles will fall away between Sega and Nintendo.
The empty miles will fall away.

The empty miles will fall away from some yuppie in his beamer.
The empty miles will fall away from the ghosts of Hiroshima.
The empty miles will fall away from the third world and the first.
you will feel the hunger and I will feel the thirst.
Track Name: Hannahbelle
The thing about that is despite your beliefs we can handle this without increase. The thing about that is despite your belief, I could manage this and be discreet. And I could kill you, before you kill me, even though you're the wizard cause I am the thief. With Hannah hannah hannahbelle, I take you everywhere I go. In the street or in the woods at night where the foxfire and the fireflies glow. And I will always love you. And I will always care... for Hannahbelle.

Ain't no use in turning on the light babe; I can see what is in store. And there ain't no use in pulling out the knife babe; I can barely feel it anymore. Yep.
Track Name: Heavy Thing
I know that you are pretty and I know that you are nice but I've been bit with a blade of obsidian and my veins are filled with ice
so stay away
I'll wait all day
I am a patient boy
I tell my ex-wife, all about my sex life. And if you don't look twice, it's alright. It's alright.
Maybe in the next life, baby we can shine light, and all of this will be set right. It's alright. It's alright.
A gun's a heavy thing that I have carried. Love's a heavy thing, I once got married. Hope's a heavy burden dragging on me until I cast my ambitions out into the sea.
Track Name: Red Red Rose
the guilt in my heart is a red, red rose
and the silt in the river just flows and flows
down to the ocean which I hear is quite cold
put your arms around me and say it ain't so

dark death hovering over our heads
but an angel appears with beer and bread
fear and fire and murder and death
but know that I love you and i'll see that you're fed

the hate in my heart is a white, white rose
dead in the snow where it fell and froze
hell is cold as anyone knows
as above, so below
Track Name: It Was Burning
In this town there are no secrets - got one, keep it, better believe it. In my dream I fell asleep, and in that sleep fell even deeper. Three dark dogs lounged at my feet, to lick the boots of weary sleepers.

And I saw your face - it was burning.
And I saw your place - it was burning.
And I saw your name - it was burning.
And I felt the pain - it was buring.
And I felt the shame - it was burning.
And I saw the flames - it was burning.
Track Name: Lump It
found I didn't like it
so I had to lump it
I became a creature
of cold comfort.

Always knew that someday
I'd add up to something
I'd become a sailor
before they blew that trumpet
Track Name: Grey as Doves
The coldest winter now. Conceived in a snowstorm; you're homeless in the womb, of a hard bit-young mom. hopeless in the womb, and I will cry for you, but I doubt that it'll do anything to get you through

The coldest winter now. Snow covers cold and clean, the trees are white and green, like some frozen dream you had back when you were a teen, with your parents on your ass, your house of broken glass, always feeling harassed, sure it would soon pass.

But the winter never does; it just hovers there above, keeping you from love, white as hell and grey as doves.
Track Name: Motorhead at Harkness
Winter's cold, but winter's wise
and I have been sad for most of my life
but somewhere someone's warm and dry
Savannah's lanterns burn in the sky

like a devil in the daylight, or angel in the darkness.
Lace up your boots tight, summer concert at Harkness.
Motorhead is playing, I am planning to rock hard.
The devil was saying we could borrow the hopyard.

and walk around in the sun all day.
Till winter's blanket shakes and wakes.
And summer reigns in leaves and waves.
All cages break and chains erase.
The children crawl out of their caves.
All cages break and chains erase.
Track Name: Cop Shot
tra la la la we trapped in limbo hands in air and legs akimbo
how low low low low can we go down to the ground like a cop-shot negro
such a sad story look at Mama now cry and rant and tear her hair out
I swear it's open season on that color of kid
we should be so ashamed we're still letting them do this

a little squeak of protest over G D C
just to remind you to think twice before you trust police
they're not your friends, not there to help
just there to protect wealth,
and their savagery
is only the outward symptom of a deep and old disease
Track Name: Sunken City
I rejected the advances of Laotian coworkers, city of New London sank below the waves
our dearest friends had gathered with picks and spades and spatulas cried and we drank and began to dig our graves
the ocean crept up on us made us feel its presence, the titanic volume the weight of the sound
the roaring impossible weight of forever, crashing, destroying, erasing the ground

the ocean was our father and our mother and our lover our killer and our teacher we're lost and then found
the ocean the ocean the ocean the ocean Laotian the ocean the weight and the sound
Track Name: Sunrise on the Lake
They poisoned our water, they poisoned our bread. So half of our children ain't right in the head. I wanna see our leaders go running for the door. We ain't building up statues of you anymore. Go peaceful, and they won't see you hang from her torch. There's a hoe and a shovel and a rake on the porch. Go make yourself useful go work up a sweat. and in ten or twenty years you'll have worked off your debt.
Track Name: Where I hang my heart
Home is where I hang my heart, swinging from the willow tree. Noose wrapped around the widest part of the thing that beats inside of me. So hoods, up, bats, out-side carving through the night. Eating up the fireflies, swallowing the last of light.

A stocking full of carbon coal, anthracite please darling dear, to incite my teakettle to a boil, to keep me warm these coming years.
Track Name: Libertatia Theme
In stereo, by the pond... I will moan and wail, and carry on.
Like I stepped on the world's biggest thorn -
but I've been sad since I was born. Yep.
Track Name: Sorrow Sorrow
Sorrow sorrow pass me by, sorrow sorrow I don't wanna cry

your lips turn to mine, I'm feeling fine. Your woman's water turns to wine.
Bones burn with lust, stone turns to dust. My fine mail coat hangs red with rust. Like a rose-lipt maid with a well-worn spade, stillborn laid in a pitiable grave.
Track Name: Gathering
when I used to play magic cards back in 8th grade
and I had to give up something to win the whole game
I just couldn't do it and I couldn't explain
why the concept of sacrifice had to cause me such pain

you can make yourself anything you want
you can cut your mind in two
you can shut off all your ugly thoughts
and be haunted by the ghost of you

i was out in the islands i crawled up on the land
buried my hopes and my dreams there and my head in my hands
i was out in the forest way deep in the woods
walked up to the homestead and unloaded the goods

I was up in the mountains where the earth runs red
and I finally found myself and got out of my head
you are both dungeon and dragon your fears and your cares
better make your bargains cause they'll always be there

I was out in the marshes a swamp yankee it's true
just looking the harshest just for something to do
I hiked out in the grasslands baking under the sun
drinking water from my hands still I had to run
Track Name: Princess Pine
Christmas comes i'm smiling shyly
i made you a wreath - poison ivy
shampoo and a body wash of the same...
all natural, organic, local, fair trade.
And I hope that it burns you like a fucking flame.

out of Bluff Point to stare at the stars
scared of the dark, you stayed in the car
remember back when you gave me this scar
I hope that you end up in the Backus ER
and I hate it when you call my uke a guitar.

Christmas comes, i'm smiling sadly,
made you a wreath, I love you madly...
genus Lycophyta, princess pine...
if you want, we could spend a little time.
And we don't have to use a word like "mine".
Track Name: Day's End
All shall fall away, soon to be replaced by softer and slower ways, entwined in nature's grace.

Oh, I hope so. Oh I hope so

as the shadows fade into the day my childhood dreams drift away. A line dropped in the drowsing brine for a fishy fiend whose flesh is mine.

Oh, I hope so. Oh I hope so