The Sound of Things

by Dick Nixon Arisen



This is right on the edge of being not worth making available. Full of ideas and thoughts and sounds, but not ready to be heard. Maybe ready to be rerecorded, though. Maybe.


released January 1, 2005




Dick Nixon Arisen Connecticut

Out in the woods.

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Track Name: Lucky Charms
Little girl, the stars are made of sugar
and the moon's a bowl of milk, trust me I know
Unicorns, they're jaded and they're bitter
beaten bloody by the winter and the snow

nothing for me
nothing ever came for me
and I request your company
but no no no
Track Name: Nation
you've been deceived
they have no mercy
for no one

and you will believe
this slavery
watch it growin'

So no, no Nazis
no patsies
no informers

and no, no tough guys
no dead eyes
no benchwarmers
Track Name: Cold Cold Ground
Cold cold ground, it's late december in my heart
season drops it's passing glamour in the dark
Track Name: Rusty Nailz
Home(x7) Again

I'm alone in my home
Oh, a rusty nail for the roses all you need
in your home
and oh some mason jars in the rafters
to live forever after in your home

cause home is not a penis and reciever
nor jesus and believer in your home
so, let the 'faggots' have their marriage
their babies and their carriage,
it's their home, no, you can't tell them
where to stick it, you know that you can
stick it in your own

Sunshine, lollipops (bottlecaps) and Mothra (mothballs)

And I always wonder, why I always blunder
And I'm always left alone
Track Name: Between Us
And you'll find me walking through the forest,
walking through the fields of barleywine
in the darkness, what would you notice,
would you notice me follow behind?

Found a ruin there on a hillside
deep within the sweet springtime
three dark dogs intent on killing
emerged from the building I fell behind
said to myself, welcome to hell
you really fucked up this time

if I was gone, would you miss me,
would you kiss my picture frame?
If you were gone, I would miss you,
it would burn me like a flame.
If I was gone, would you miss me,
would you carry my memory?
If you were gone I would miss you,
it would burn me so terribly
Track Name: Three Drowned Soldiers
Met three drowned soldiers as I was drifting off the coast of Italy
the bars on their shoulders had bled their colors to the sea
and so they could not remember their names, faces or families
but they said that they're better off dead than to be a coward like me
and they said that their mommas were proud that they died for what they believed

now weighted down by my father's corpse and moving out further to sea
the soldiers said goodbye to the algae, fishes, and me
now started drifting on south to join up with the gulf stream
as a mighty river of blood that was flowing through history
Track Name: Fucking Games
Questioning the purpose for your birth
Sink into the surface of the earth
we do devise a stranger's guise
can you help if you're born into a world where everyone lies?
Track Name: Too Long
I'll go another five years or ten without question
just let my heart not harden, i've been alone too long it's irony and tragedy, for the kind of boy as me,
to live without loving, i've been alone too long
Track Name: Nixcore E.P.
I've been feeling shut in
one more right is just a joke
go and ask the wiccan folks
one more right is not so free
national gun owner registry
can you hear what I am saying?
maybe if I scream real loud
will you hear what I am saying
or will my voice go unheard?
Track Name: Imperial Capital
Me and you just relaxing in the sand
red, white and blue in a far-off foreign land
blood running through our hands to the sand
cause we're facing the truth once again
the rats ate through our chest to our hearts once again
that rage ate through our chests to our hearts once again
Track Name: Circles and Cycles
two big kids in the pit join hands and spin around
the punks go flying and the skins fall down
in winter when the trees are sleeping the leaves turn brown
the snows are falling from the sky all around
circles, circles and cycles, loving and spiteful
beautiful death (and that which is breathtaking, a theft of life,
by way of breath)
Track Name: Off a Cliff
beginning in an ending but are we pretending to be
who we are and if we are who's to blame for the trends
followed to their logical ends off a cliff to the sea?
Track Name: The Hiding Face
Tell me why now, is the moon behind a cloud?
like a lunar eclipse, or a lunatic fit
as nations (oceans) will rise now to cover our eyes
with a blanket of blood as warm as our love?
Track Name: Darkening Years
give me lies and hidden nightways
emotions without form
through our gathering storm

give me vines to cover highways
and I will have no fear
through our darkening years
Track Name: Futuresong
hanging garden in a high-rise
city without end
it's gonna be a long time before I see you again
this time around, looks like we've lost a friend
it's gonna be a long time before I see them again

(every being) organized by genus, species and phylum
the world so silent like a vast asylum
the rank and file are data compilin
up the ramp prison camp
this neural impant's
giving me sciatica, escape from gattica,
get the disk agent smith
do you remember me
we're looking for 1 9 8 4 in 2003
Track Name: Down
Leave me alone, holly branch
holy stone, I can't take one out
lover's mouth, take me down
Track Name: Afflict
and the failure of the world mirrors the failure of the self
but know I shall not die alone cause I know I cannot
Track Name: Vampire Industry
Steal my blood and try to sell it back to me, oh no
sucking hard you're a vampire industry, oh no
wanna change the trend, celebrate your end
Track Name: pt. 2
fuck with your assumptions for all that they're worth
california falling off the surface of the earth
think you can sell the music, think you know me
california fell into the depths of the sea
Track Name: One Lullabye
Sing one strong lullabye, goodbye, tonight.
And if i'm gonna die, I'll die alright.
Track Name: Architect for a Failed System
hangs his head and cries in shame