the trail has been lost

by Dick Nixon Arisen

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sweet cherry TASTE son this album took me nearly a year to make. Getting old. old and tired


released September 3, 2013

myself alone (but behind me my friends)




Dick Nixon Arisen Connecticut

Out in the woods.

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Track Name: Tree of sleep
we could die beneath these trees
where all my lovers sleep so sweet
draped in bows, crowned in wreaths,
tied in ribbons, one two three,

we could all die, beneath these trees,
where our tomorrows and presents meet
in drawn breaths, so soft and sweet,
forgiven forgiven, no blood on me,

underneath the trees, give me heat
bluebells and starlight, give me sleep,
drowned in dew, wet my feet,
dry my teardrops and never leave
Track Name: You could come along
you wouldn't like me when I'm angry
who likes anybody when they're angry
you wouldn't love me when I was ugly
who loves anybody when they're ugly?

you can come along
in fact that would be great
and if it's feeling wrong
you don't have to stay out ...late

you wouldn't come to me when I was suffering
who wants to see somebody when they're suffering
you wouldn't heal me when I was bleeding
who wants to clean up blood on the ceiling

but you can come with me
in fact that would be fine
and if you're feeling free
you could drink a little wine

why are we here, I don't know no reason
and I don't know anyone named jesus
but I know I want you for a sunbeam
and I think i could love you when you're ugly

you can come inside
in fact that would be nice
and if you're feeling spry
we could take a tumble twice
Track Name: Constant Star
hold hands in the dark
get up for the cat
don't break my heart
cause I wouldn't like that
don't leave me now
that we've come this far
foam-cleaving prow
be my constant star
Track Name: How many angels?
how many angels do you want, right now? How many angels do you need, to fall down? And when they fall, to break and bleed, attempt to crawl, and try to speak... how many children do you want, from me? How many children do you need, honey? And when they crack, and when they cry, beneath a black and sullen sky, parents see portents and signs in the sky. The neglected orphans know it's pointless to cry...
Track Name: Red Sky at Night
blood of my blood
a red red rose means love

mark of the sailor's pride
crossed anchors in the tide

star of my heart
bleeding doves mean lovers part

carving through the foam
the stars will guide me home

heart, club, diamond, spade
for lovers in the grave

four points of a compass rose
life spent not in repose

every dog will have his day
but the water has her way

apple of my eye
your storm is in my sky
Track Name: Woodland Grove
There's a wild rose off of woodland grove; where god only knows and there's no god so no one knows
Track Name: Bird Song
I am your doomed sparrow pierced by stray arrow in this field lain fallow for three seasons gone by. I am your ill-fated eagle pressed by questions of evil; I guess it's just the way of people to bring a tear to my eye I am your grief-stricken goshawk felled by a blonde boy's tossed rock in this sheltered cove off of Montauk for three seasons gone bye goodbye my love I spiral down from above and curse the hollow bones that left you all alone I am your star-crossed starling my hollow heart is yours my darling and I will be there in the morning though the well has run dry
Track Name: River Song
Baptized by raindrops; can I keep swimming in your river til the pain stops? Sunday school, 1982, it's all skatin' and satan from here on out... cool. Carnal benediction, I love to slide my dick inside and feel the friction, and I do love you.

Summer send me a rainstorm, puddle skippin, i'll be dripping but I'll stay warm. No suicide, no, not today. It's much too bright to blow my brains out with a twelve-gauge. No suicide, no, not today. I'll be looking out the window waiting for the rain. No suicide, no, not today. I'll be looking out the window waiting for your face. And I do love you.
Track Name: Blue Sky
Blue Sky, green leaves, you'll die if you don't breathe so come back to me or just stay where you wanna be, it don't really matter at all. Grey sky, no leaves, hey guys, we should all grieve for the burning wheat fields and mutilated meat shields. Clothed in ashes we crawl.
Track Name: Graveyard Raspberries
i ate raspberries from the graveyard nearly every year of my life
and no matter for how long or what i gazed at i never had a touch of second sight

so you can throw away my silver ravenwulf you can throw away this chintzy knife
and while you're at it, take castaneda, and while you're at it, take jesus christ.
Track Name: Maddie
Maddie hand down my old banjo, I wanna hear my children play
maddie hand down my old pistol, i'm gonna shoot joe boot today.
i'm gonna shoot joe boot in the dick for what he did to constance strickland
but what if connie strickland lied and joe didn't try what she said he tried?

Why revenge, what's the purpose, does it serve as a deterrent? Perhaps I should consult the clergy before I carry out my purging...

Maddie hand down my old banjo, i'm gonna pick a funeral march,
maddie fetch joe a pail of water his dying drying throat is parched
maddie maddie it's the end of the world, all four horsemen's flags unfurled
if I don't shoot joe right away it's gonna be too late on judgement day

Why revenge, what's the purpose, does it serve as a deterrent? White sheet covers, eyes averted, call the hearse I am accursed.
Track Name: Sunlight Sunlight
sunlight sunlight tell me your name
I'll just sit right here and wait
you're not interrupting anything
I don't care if I end up late

i'm late for dinner and late for the meeting
i hope you're not late for your monthly bleeding
Track Name: Weekday rock
Monday is the day we cradle our heads wishing that we were home safe asleep in bed
Tuesday is the day we cradle our hearts wishing we had said, something we haven't said
Wednesday is the day we cradle our wounds, calling them by the names, of children we never had.
Thursday is the day we polish the tombs, carving in the names, of parents we never had.
But friday night is a night for dancing, calling me back home.
Saturday is a day for new chances, transcendent chaos enthroned.
and sunday's sober solemn silence bares bitter barbed blue bones.
Track Name: Do we truly own ourselves? Uh... Sure.
You are not mine but you're my cup of tea so I'll wait for a sign you feel something for me... You are not yours unless we truly own ourselves, are we born with a debt to fill the empty shelves? Don't ask me man, I don't know.
Track Name: The dragon
I came seeking peace. I came seeking rest
but you keep telling my teeth
about the skin of your breast.
you leave me no voice
having stolen my breath
you give me no choice
I am under arrest.

You make me wanna do my taxes!
buy some stamps and send some faxes
so tell me tell me what the facts is
between theory and praxis.

piss on the mayor's lexus!
you're so sexy move to texas!
you make me wanna skip breakfast
buy baby stroller on craigslist

call me homo erectus
not concave but convectus
come and come and correct this
with your lady lady sexness

Above; below. New love, pillows.

you make me wanna chop my dick dick off
drink a couple cocktail molotov
you make me wanna buy a football team
run it into the ground now that's my dream
you make me wanna bake a little microcake
in my microbake in my microbake

you make me wanna roll around in the mud
job interview dressed up as a chud
you make me wanna thunder thunder thud
chew my own flesh and drink my own blood
you make me wanna slay slay slay the dragon
bring the corpse home radio flyer wagon
Track Name: Whirlwind (new love headtrip)
I'm usually not attracted to african americans
but once in a while I meet a girl that makes me think again
i've always said that I have a thing for red hair
as if the pigment in her protein... who really fucking cares
i'm usually attracted to the ones that make the photograph
D&D MIT puh puh puh polymath
the rules for my health, i'm consecrated.
the rules for myself, i fuckin break em.
rules for my wealth, I don't speak that language...

whirlwind girlfriend kiss her rear end
buy her a beer glad I'm not queer
if I was I would find an equally excellent boy
but i'm not so I won't and I'm sticking to that story
whirlwind girlfriend
I'm gonna speak from deep in my psyche
i see your face and i'm like mommababydaddybrothersisterdaddy likey
I see your face and i'm like oh crikey
I'm gonna speak from deep in my psyche
I need love and I need rest
I would like to sup of your breath
Track Name: Wedding Day
Today feels like my wedding day, what's a dust bowl ballad if there's pouring rain? Look at the stitches in my shoes and I notice they're frayed, try to do some good for you I hear myself say... today feels like my wedding day, but tomorrow I will be a divorcee...
Track Name: Red Sky at Morning
blood of my blood
a red red rose means love

mark of the sailor's pride
crossed anchors in the tide

star of my heart
bleeding doves mean lovers part

five points of my human hand
the worm waits in the sand

bone of my bone
judas christ on a golden throne

heart, club, diamond, spade
for lovers in the grave

four points of a compass rose
life spent not in repose

blood of my blood
a red red rose means love

every dog will have his day
but the water has her way

today's for desperate deeds
and fire hidden in a reed

storm in the sky
today's a fine day to die

blood of my blood
a red, red rose means love
Track Name: Black Black Black
Black black black no going back it's all gone they dropped the bomb
remember me as I once was - not this fragile corpse
lever-action on my lap, rocking on the porch
Black black black no going back and all the green turns to machines
Track Name: Endless days
tried me, i tried you, false then and falser now. I can't find in you that cold spring to see me through but I will stay away from... in this haze of endless days, oh in this haze of endless, shapeless, formless, nameless days
Track Name: Why don't you like me?
Huh? What's so bad about me? Right?
Track Name: The Devil made Marijuana
The devil made marijuana so all my friends could sleep
in dreams of syncopation brought on by the ganja weed
I was never really listening in my anxiety
I could smell the devil's swirling smoke
but he never spoke to me

the devil made marijuana, amplified that THC
while his lesser generals spun in place and mouthed their obsequies
the burning brazier swung in place in synchronicity
but to live without that chemical
was no obstacle to me
Track Name: No strays turned away
no formal speeches, she gets undressed. Black-blooded leeches hang at her breast. No strays turned away on the coldest winter's day.
Track Name: Grey Face Crying
oh oh oh oh oh pilgrim when they auctioned off the ox that killed him
we went to the well where she hid the body
he was still in there, ohhh, grody

oh oh oh oh oh sailor when she was out sleeping with the tailor
we went to the shed where she hid the weapon
it was still in there when we crept in

oh oh oh oh oh heaven been a long time since I seen kevin
i wonder how that kid is doing
and have his guns all lost their blueing

oh oh oh oh oh shit been a long time since I seen matt
i wonder what that kid is doing
depends on the season by the bruins

winter casts a frozen shade
midterm make my day so gray
sister sister won't you say
I could see your lovely face


darling this night has opened my eyes
and I think that a man's gotta cry sometimes

and if 90's emo is what does it
or just watching the game with your cousin

forget it. you ask too much
and constantly contradict yourself.

this game is bad for my health.
It is contraindicated.
Track Name: Who owns who
they do what they want, until we do what they want, that's how its always been. all the places you used to haunt burned to the ground and been built back again. They do what they want until it becomes a law, that's how it's going to be. They call it eminent domain, manifest destiny, white man's burden, intellectual property. They call it patent law, shareholder's due, extraction industry. Useless, heartless, useless, vampire motherfuckers. Sea to shining sea.
Track Name: Chronometer
I don't propitiate no saints to get what I ain't got; I see no face hidden in the inkblot. I don't even know don't know is time passing, this chronometer's flow seems to go as slow as molasses I don't even know I don't know how to make sense rearrange the letters bat semen to basement
Track Name: Cradle in the attic
They say he died nobly, impaled on a sliver of steel, and that I was the only child mentioned in the will. Well, they didn't know him; didn't know him at all. A tree takes a lot of growing before it's ready to fall. The milky way hung down, like a string of pearls - never seen such beauty anywhere in the world.

The day we were married, fears and cares. White doves carried her up the stairs. While my mother wove a homespun woolen shawl, down came baby, cradle and all. Down came baby, baby mine. Now we're crazy all the time.
Track Name: Madeleine
The day that my first child was born I went out in a hornet swarm to buy a colt .45, d batteries and a bag of seeds. The sky was black the ground was black as black as black no turning back dead monkeys threw their stones at me, from the hypodermic trees.

The day my second child was born, Madeleine kept her safe and warm, in the paper hornet's nest, in the hollow of her breast.

I am your neck-hung albatross, I'm here to help you fathom loss
I am your north star and your southern cross, you'll be home, bye and bye
goodbye my love, I'll see you soon enough. Above the writhing foam, softly southward home.

Maddie hand down my old banjo, I'm gonna hear my children play.
Maddie I can't believe we made it through all that shit into these lovely days!