The Atari Album

by Dick Nixon Arisen

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Most songs are about and inspired by games published for the Atari 2600. Inspired by the dedication of the fans at


released May 27, 2006

All me except my wife made good monkey noises and helped me beat pots and pans.




Dick Nixon Arisen Connecticut

Out in the woods.

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Track Name: Atariage
in 1977 in sunny sunnyvale california
they rode a giant wave that rolled into the future
on a tide of chips and bits and joysticks and beeping
a blessing or a curse, now ain't that the truth
for better of for worse, the future of our youth
until 83 or 4 that wave came crashing to the shores
and all the games went flying to the shelves of discount stores
cause mr. jack tramiel couldn't get a handle
on the demands of the market
so he told the nerds to park it
down went their plans and the dark ages began
save for in brazil where it was still king of the hill
now our favorite girl's moving up in the world
the lifetime of atari's not over, no, it's just begun
Track Name: StellaSol
with one shot, the push of a button
it's coming to you again
the lost worlds of fear, fun and wonder
the joystick warm in your hand
and stella wonders where she is going
remembers where she has been
the years have all been so kind but
can she do it again
the morning sun is shining through windows
so caked with grim
the kids are awake it's saturday morning
and they've got just enough time
to play whatever they wanna
to say whatever they wanna
today is the day they've all been waiting for
stella, you're on their mind
Track Name: Keep Climbing
treetops waving, so high in the air,
there's delicious fruit waiting for you up there
all you gotta do is climb a little vine,
so come on monkey don't waste your precious time
no, don't be afraid
higher and higher, there's so much to see
climbing up a tree in 1983,
descended from monkeys, it's easy to believe
but I won't be ashamed
Track Name: The loneliness of the short-distance pelagian
eat or be eaten in the deep blue sea
if i don't eat you you're gonna eat me
no place to hide no sanctuary
bleak survival every goddamn day
takin bets dodgin nets heave away
don't wanna be no fresh filet
those old dead eyes you know the look GO!
some got slit & some got shook FISH!
the end of the tunnel is the tip of the hook GO!
this is the life is the life we choose GO!
this is the life is the life we lose FISH!
hear them bluegills sing the blues GO!
Track Name: The Boy
there was a boy who tore the black boots off of his joysticks
and when he grew up and realized what he did
he wished he could them back
all of those dusty stacks
no, his mother threw 'em out
there was a man who once was a boy
but now he's got three kids
what amounts to a dead end job
and a marriage on the skids
he wished he could have it back
that train's been off the tracks for a long time
there was a boy who tore the black boots off of his joysticks
and when he grew up and realized what he did
he bought it all back
all of those dusty stacks
Track Name: Triumph of Engineering
Colecovision fading away
Intellivision rots in its grave
Odyssey won't see the light of day
Track Name: Been ten years
been ten years since i hit the el n' gee
tribal regulations & sibling revelry
been ten years since i fell in love with sound
television static playing in the background
back in sneakers cause my boots are busted
but i'm still with the friends i've always trusted
we just have a lot more stuff than we used to have
used to be a joystick but now a control pad
never gonna find a better time than this
Track Name: Git off mah' Planet
to the left, to the right, now shoot, and hide
i'm not gonna brook no space invaders
cap em in the grill cause they all haters
plug my wico into my vader
bam motherfuckers i'll see y'all later
to the left, to the right, now shoot, and hide
i'm not gonna brook no space invaders
or the endless legions of imitators
mc poser or dj faker
bam motherfuckers i'll see y'all later
Track Name: any Mother's Son
Any mother's son will play from dusk till dawn
and he'll say he loves it so
but now here comes the sun,
it's time to cut and run
it's time to catch some sleep
but it won't keep your scores
they'll fade like night into day
Track Name: dead friends
I'll never let go of the days
we hung around and played games
me and the enchanted bugs
at the enchanted bug social club
until the day that the wizard arrived
burned our village and he took their minds
so now it's goodbye my friends
goodbye fleas and scorpions
goodbye to the lovely trees
goodbye to the centipede
so now it's goodbye my friends
spiders, fleas and scorpions
goodbye to the lovely trees
goodbye to the centipede
Track Name: This is actually pretty boring
I wanna go on the space shuttle
I don't wanna go on the space shuttle
it's quite stimulating to play this simulation
similar to takinga a nice space vacation
if flipping switches scratches itches &
you think decimals are neat, pop this one in
you're in for a treat
Track Name: Save a helipod, ride a photon cowboy
now nobody says i'm a loser
riding a beam of light into the future
laser lariat arcing on a vector
so far from inhabited sectors
go ride!
my girlfriend, she's a beamrider
riding my beam of light, an all-nighter
she ride so hard and tight, she a fighter
and i will ride, by your side, foreverrr..rr.r. r.
Track Name: The persistence of the long-distance amphibian
I'm gonna get to the other side
i'm gonna cross that road if I die
(you better bet i'm gonna try)
and I don't care what I find there
snakes and alligators, why won't you leave me alone?
i don't come and bother you in your own home
i'm so tired of hopping i'm weary to the bone
Track Name: The Arcade
it's saturday night that's right
d'you wanna get in a fight no
go get drunk or get laid no, and yes
or d'you wanna go to the arcade
i wanna go to the arcade let me know if you ever wanna go got a bag full of
with the consoles there arrayed quarters that i rooked from my daughter's
with my high score displayed piggybank for battletank sinistar and crossbow
these memories won't fade zazxon centipede tempest or moon patrol
dig dug defender xevious pengo
really don't give a shit, in my heart i'm a kid
Track Name: StellaLuna
Stella! StellaLuna...
another mother crying over this computer.
See, my son, he's no high roller
fallen asleep hunched over the controller
in the room where he ain't left for weeks
and after time, it frankly.. reeks
cause his hands move fast but
his eyes are glass and after time
the gas is passed
Track Name: Triumph of Evolution
the wind and water make the waves
and the king's, daughter i must save
where the sea meets the sky
i will swim, i will fly
i will change
i am the world's forgotten guy
i am a dolphin flying in the sky
give a wrong time stop a traffic line
pycnoclines beneath the brine
inflammable material planted in the slime
i drink it down like the finest wine
now that they're hoppin there's no stoppin the cretins
under the sea it's eat or be eaten
crash like tsunami and leave no traces
love to look at the look on your faces
striking appearance and fine social graces
guess who placed first place in the races
i'm crawling out from primordial slime,
slowly evolving with a gleam in my eye
neptune's daughter she gonna be mine
lookin so, lookin so, lookin so fine
flow gushing mother heart pumping salt water
water for the water for the sons and daughters
what you do for dumpin dirty in my eye
political political political crime
time to break it down like oxidation corrosion
all up in your face like a permian explosion
hotter than a hydrothermal CRAP(prince of the ocean
try take me on with your life you gamble
ya 30% more chicken like a can of campbells
round one round two defense in shambles
i am the world's forgotten guy
i am the apple of the ocean's eye)
Track Name: the Maze
do you feel the turning of the gears
the weight of all the years
pursued by ghostly fears
(shadows fall, all around the walls
summoning the host,
the assembly of your ghosts)
feel so ill that you gotta take a pill
then turn around and kill
the ones who did this to you
(do you feel like you're running in a maze
consuming all your days
and living in a haze)
Track Name: M.A.D.
intercontinental ballistic missile
unleash waves of red hell
innocent people
a holy crusader and commie dictator
the grain their silos posess
will feed only death
no that reagan guy and his SDI
can't stop the ICBM
no a missile base way out in space
won't do me a goddamn thing
no our cities will fall
one and all
as the bombs keep falling down
Track Name: Atari Party
hey y'all
i'm on atari safari
the night above is starry
slashing through the tangle with my bigass knife
the jungle is humming and drumming with life
hear the tapping of my thumbs to the rhythm of the drums
as i play on and on long into the night
when i was a kid we didn't have buttons yea?
you had to hold your shirt on with your hands
or use rubber bands. you got it too easy uh huh
we had to program our own games
animations only two frames righhht
we made our atari out of old tin cans
except during the war when that was banned
hey guys uwhaut?
brought lemonade and ho ho's shutup
mountain dew and no-doz shutup wha'd he say?
been awake for weeks i can't feel my cheeks shutup i'm tryna play pitfall
i'm seriously tweaked and a motherfucking freak shutup
but my atari skills should be at their peak shutup
we're on atari safari
come on and join the party
if you don't own a deck well then i'm really sorry
the thought of that is scary
i'd commit harry-karry
or grow up and get married
your wife likes barry manilow
god that blows that's just how it goes
all just goes to show shoulda stayed a kid
Track Name: Alamogordo pitfall
five million aliens
lost under the desert sands
such a friendly face, buried in a lonely place
roswell, new mexico, you don't even know
now i'm in some deep shit
get me out of this damn pit
i want reese pieces bits
i want my telephone kit
Track Name: I, Otto
somebody is gonna get hurt
the robots are going berzerk
lasers flying everywhere
clawed hands waving in the air
and there's no way out of this maze
hang around too long you get killed by a happy face
somebody is gonna get shot
by a big ugly evil robot
somebody is gonna get maimed
by a big ugly walking mainframe
and there's no way out of this maze
Track Name: Game Over
there's a jungle where the vines are black
hanging off from an old wooden rack
it's a break from reality, it's where you wanna be
and after i've earned my rest, i don't want one more test
so why would you try to live again after you die?
Track Name: til they have faces
Admit no faces or names
to those who make the games
theirs is a distant glow
should have let their faces show
should have let their faces show
should have let the kids all know
david crane - dragster, fishing derby
bob whitehead - boxing, skiing
larry kaplan - bridge, kaboom
alan miller - tennis, ice hockey
steve cartwright - barnstorming, megamania
carol shaw - river raid
matthew hubbard - dolphin
gary kitchen - keystone kapers, pressure cooker
theirs is a distant glow
should have let the kids all know
Track Name: Eurydicette
oh my darling dear, i will always save you
whether far or near, i will always brave
the dangers in my way
i'll see you some old day
the sky and your skin are blue
and that's what i am without you
since old gargamel
locked you in his castle hell,
i am on my way.
i'll see you some old day
see you in my dreams
till my feet can bring me
i will jump the streams
and if they grow wide
i'll swim and breathe through reeds
in the mud and weeds
i'll see you in my dreams
through the caves and the graves of old centurions
through the fields and bogs and three headed dogs
i will dig you out of any kind of hell
don't worry it's just as well
and i won't look back
Track Name: Panama Jack
with the eyes of a jeweller, the hands of a thief
ignoring dark warnings i find carved in bas-relief
the natives are my porters grab some diamonds for my daughter
i'll even steal their water pump the oil out to the fleet
bring in the british rifles steal their trinkets and their trifles
i'm feeling pretty stifled in this unedurable heat
a real tomb raider, a sacred space invader
dodging alligators with one final mighty leap
Track Name: Rethink yr Career
hello my name is dirk and i'm a dungeonholic
dark passages are where I like to frolic
what the hell am i doing in this dungeon
do i need treasure so much that
i get my head bitten of by a bat
or gelatinous cubes and green slimes and xorns
manticores wolfweres and unicorns
axebeaks mounted lancers necromanters dark enchanters
maybe even a dragon, fuck that
i should go home and start a nice farm
where i can grow beans peas corn no harm
will come to me
but what's that around corner?
could it be treasure? beyond measure?
eternal leisure.. houses of pleasure..
all for me, the king of it all.
i'm chilled to the marrow
these corridors so narrow
got a bow and arrow and
a dagger and a knife to
protect my life
this labyrinth beguiling
why am i still smiling
cause the treasure still pilin
Track Name: Megadeath
tired, full of piss and spiteful
another megacycle
i don't wanna go
why must it be like this
when you gotta piss
you can never go
burgers bowties in the sky
think i'm gonna die
i don't wanna go
death takes me by the hand
takes me to the lands
living never know
take me to that black door
think i rolled my score
now i'll never know
row me to those shores
think i rolled my score
now i'll never know
show what's beyond and before
think i rolled my score
now i'll never know
Track Name: Trash?
consigned to the trash..
this was built to last
consigned to the trash...
but this was built to last
don't throw away that atari
don't throw away that old tv
just take them both and give them to me
they'll become part of my family
Track Name: Haunted House
last six matches. phosphorus sparks
show what you fear - in the dark
when you're alone - in the dark
you can't see what you need
to stop up the hole in your heart
before you bleed all over the carpet
in a haunted house
Track Name: Air Raid Raids Again (2010)
soaring above the sea, with a blue handle in a T,
is it US or Taiwanese, PAL or NTSC? We know it drops the 3-1 G's, these mysteries won't be solved till the human race evolves, the world revolves so turn your TV on its side, smoke some crack, eat some pocky, play some space jockey to simulate experience the effect deleterious seriously delirious and not so smart you'll end up doing g's on a certain blue cart